Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jakarta Immigration

It's good to be back in Singapore. After traveling around, you really learn to appreciate Singapore.

For Jakarta, there is actually no need to be in the airport 2 hours before. That might just be me, but I cleared everything with a half an hour buffer even though I was there just 1 hour before the flight. Just a post here to take note of Jakarta immigration at the airport, which is slightly different.

  1. You will need to present your passport to the guard first before checking-in. Just mention e-ticket, or show them your passport and itenarary.
  2. Proceed through the normal baggage screening. Remember about the rules about the 100ml bottles and stuff.
  3. Proceed to the airline counter and check-in. You have to pay the airport tax of 100,000 rupiah at that point in time.
  4. Proceed to the immigration. You will pass though a booth where an official will be stationed. Just show them the passport, which will indicate you're not an Indonesian. If you're an Indonesian, you will have to pay tax at that point of time.
  5. After immigration, find your gate. There are a couple of shops inside, but I did not find anything particular of interest. There are many DFS shops around, so just walk towards your gate.
  6. At the gate, you will go through another baggage screening.

That's it. Just to remember about the 100,000 rupiah tax. This reminds me of Shanghai 3 years ago. The airport tax has to be paid separately too.

Oh yes... Before I forget, before departing to Indonesia, it will be wise to print out your itenarary. Seems like the Indonesia immigration might not accept e-Ticket and you might be delayed un-necessarily. However departing from Indonesia was okay for e-Ticket.

The flight back to Singapore was quite interesting too. The flight was delayed due to air traffic congestion. :) This was the first time that I've encountered a landing where the nose was pointing towards the ground instead of upwards. Very fast landing. Maybe because the flight was delayed 20mins. Oh well... :)

Ok, time to clear all my stuff. Darn... My conductor still wants me to perform this Saturday and I have not touched the score for a month. Oh no...

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