Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Shanghai Places Of Interest

Updated: Title and Dong1 Fang1 Ming2 Zhu1

I had to squeeze in some time to go around the economy powerhouse of China. However, the temperature does pose a problem. Average temperature of 38 degrees, and sometimes 40 degrees. Days are usually quite hazy, traffic is horrible, people smoking everywhere. But still...

These are the few interesting places I've been to. I'll be writing in hanyu pinyin because I noted it in this way, in case I write wrongly. :)

Zheng4 Da4 Guang2 Chang3
> Situated at Lu4 Jia1 Zui3. It's quite near the Lu4 Jia1 Zui3 MRT. Basically, it contains quite a lot of assortment of shops, from the cheap to the expensive. If you're looking for cheap stuff, take note of the 1st floor. :) So far, I found this to be the most value for money mall I've visited. You should visit the Yi4 Cha2 Yi4 Zhuo1 (Chamate in English I think - Food). The food there is averagely priced though.

I managed to snap a shot of the mall below:

Bin1 Jiang1 Da4 Dao4
> Situated at Lu4 Jia1 Zui3. It's quite near the Lu4 Jia1 Zui3 MRT, and Zheng4 Da4 Guang2 Chang3. Otherwise known as the bund. The scenery is quite nice at night, if its clear. Mainly because of the different architecture buildings surrounding the bund.

Dong1 Fang1 Ming2 Zhu1
> Basically somethings that looks like a long tower. It's quite near Lu4 Jia1 Zui3 MRT and Zheng4 Da4 Guang2 Chang3. I think there's some sort of entrance fee. Maybe so that you can go up the tower. However, I don't think its worth it due to the poor weather conditions. If the weather is good, I will assume that you could have quite a spectacular view of Shanghai.

Below is a picture taken at night:

Ba1 Bai3 Ban4
> Otherwise known as Yaohan. :) Around that area, there is also the Tai4 Ping2 Yang2 Shu4 Ma3 Zhong1 Xin1, which is like our Sim Lim Square. There seems to be another PC Mall, but it wasn't open yet when I was there. I think the nearest MRT is Dong1 Chang1 Lu4.

If you're looking for internet access, there's a Wang3 Ba1 opposite the Tai4 Ping2 Yang2 Shu4 Ma3 Zhong1 Xin1. Quite cheap, but quite smoky. However, this is China. Everywhere is smoky. :)

Da4 Mu2 Zi3 Guang2 Chang3
> Took a taxi there so I'm not sure if it's near any MRT. Basically, I only know there's a KTV there. I think there are some shops there too, and an arcade. :)

Xu2 Jia1 Hui4
> Basically, the Orchard Road of Shanghai. I don't think I need to say more. ;) There's a Xu2 Jia1 Hui4 MRT there.

Zhen1 Si1 Da4 Wang2
> Sells silk dresses and cloths. I would say the cloth is cheaper than Singapore, and the quality is quite good. Frequented by many ministers and celebrities. According to the taxi driver, it's at Tian1 Ming2 Lu4, Guang3 Ming2 Lu4 (I hope I got it right). It's very near Xu2 Jia1 Hui4 MRT, so if you take a taxi from there, the taxi should be able to bring you there. You can walk there from the MRT too, although I don't really remember the route.

Ren2 Ming2 Guang2 Chang3
> Another central area surrounded by shopping malls. Singapore's Raffles Shopping Centre is also located there. There is a Ren2 Ming2 Guang2 Chang3 MRT. Quite near Xu2 Jia1 Hui4.

One thing to note. The taxi meter there starts at 11RMB. Meter doesn't run as fast as Singapore. :) For example, taking a taxi from Ba1 Bai3 Ban4 to Bin1 Jiang1 Da4 Dao4 is less than 20RMB (I remember 14-16RMB).

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