Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Digital Life should do more research

Updated 06 Oct 2012: Added link back to my original Apple Maps post.

I happened to chance across the Digital life paper today and I was reading about the iOS6 Maps problems. Agree with most of the comments except for one. iOS 6 Maps definitely cache maps and the caching is even better than google. I have been using the cache map since I got iOS 6 and so far it seems to cache the whole of Singapore for my case. You can read more about it in this post here.

They should do more research on it before going to press. I just find it remarkable that they can claim that google maps cache the maps while iOS 6 doesn't, even though both caches the maps in a similar way. Remarkable.


Anonymous said...

The iOS 6 maps appear to cache a 10 mile radius, so that's a 16 km radius or a 32 km diameter.
This is pretty much most of Singapore, except for the fringes like Jurong West/Tuas.

chantc said...

Thanks for the info. It does sometime reset the cache for some reason or another. Need to cache it again but still, the radius is much wider than Google Maps, regardless it is zoomed in or not.

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