Tuesday, October 16, 2012

iOS6 Maps report a problem doesn't work

There is no use providing a feature to report a problem when no one acts on it. I was doing an experiment in iOS6 Maps where I reported problems in errors in locations. I tried many options, even the extent of dragging the pin to the correct spot, but no one fixed the problem even after a month.

Apple may be getting too big for their boots. Like it or not, consumers respect Apple because of the quality. If this quality is not enforced, you'll lose the respect of the consumers. Period.

Now I guess all I can do is to use the google maps as a web app. Just do the following:
  1. Launch Safari
  2. Access maps.google.com
  3. Google will instruct you to tap on the middle icon to add it as a web app. Tap that.
  4. Swipe to your right for the next page and tap on Add to Home Screen.

That is it. The google map will be saved as an icon. Just tap it and it is quite similar to the google maps app, except that it will not be able to cache any location.

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