Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cloud Forest @ Gardens by the Bay

The Cloud Forest is one of the must see conservatories in the Gardens by the Bay for a very simple reason. Just look at the picture below. :)

Yes, this will be the sight that greets you upon entering the Cloud Forest. The Cloud Forest conservatory entrance is one level below the ticketing area. Just take the escalator down and you should see the entrance on your right.

 Pretty cool isn't it? Actually, you're more wet than cool when you enter the conservatory as there always seem to be a mist of water surrounding the conservatory. This waterfall is about 7 stories high and yes, you can go up all the way to the top, walking at the suspended passageway like you see in the picture below.

The pathway within the conservatory is pretty straightforward. You will need to take the lift up to the 6th floor, after which you will climb up a flight of steps to reach the 7th floor. There is a small pond upon reaching the top, where you can see a number of flowers that usually grow by the water, similar to the picture below.

From the 7th floor, you will traverse down the "waterfall" using escalators. The conservatory is quite uniquely designed, and there were times I marvel more at the architecture, than the flowers itself. You can take a look at picture below for a bird's eye view of the conservatory. Pretty neat isn't it?

Upon going down, you will also encounter an area where you see a lot of crystals. Whether it is real or not, I'm not too sure but there is some write-ups throughout the area where explanation was given on how crystals are being formed. There are also mirrors everywhere, and I can't resist taking the picture below using the mirrors to show off some of the crystals. :)

You will see some of the more beautiful flowers upon reaching close to the ground floor. This is the area where I feel like it may be a scene right out of Jurassic Park, as you can see from the pictures below. The Cloud Forest I feel is beautifully landscaped, and I really enjoy how the flowers are being positioned around all the mini waterfalls and small streams.

Now, for some pictures of the more unique flowers which I've seen within the Cloud Forest. Personally I spent about 2 hours inside, but more so because I was admiring the architecture and the flowers. :) It's a good place to stay for some time, and it is quite cooling. Enjoy

Do note that if you want to re-enter the dome, you can request for the staff at the exit to stamp your hand so that you can re-enter, valid for the day only. I will post more photos of the Flower Dome later. :)

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