Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Inflation is up 4.7%

These are the Singapore inflation rates for 2012:
January: 4.8%
February: 4.6%
March: 5.2%
April: 5.4%
May: 5.0%
June: 5.3%
July: 4%
August: 3.9%
September: 4.7%

Transport and Housing are leading the pack, rising by 9.6% and 6.4% respectively year on year, a huge increase compared to July's inflation. Inflation was generally stable compared to August, with the exception of Transport, Housing and Recreation & Others.

Looks like not only my July calculation is way off, my September calculation is also way too low. I was estimating the inflation to be slightly above 4% but not that high. Looking at the numbers, it seems that the inflation is a huge increase compared to last year. Even with this anomaly, inflation will not reach my initial 5% estimate. Most probably now the inflation for 2012 will range from 4.7%-4.8%. This month's inflation should be slightly higher than September though.

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