Monday, October 22, 2012

Re-think on how enterprise software is going to be deployed

Recently HP has been doing more internal re-organisation in a quest for more profits and based on what I read, it seems that HP is gradually moving away from enterprise software for MNCs, and focusing more on products.

I've been working in the IT industry since 2003 and based on what I observed, I feel that companies are going to have more and more problems making money on enterprise software, particularly customisation. The reason is very simple. Unrealistic expectations.

The IT industry is now very different from let's say 5 years ago. More and more free products are available, and they are using advanced technology and the problem is that since it is free, people think that it is easy to do.

One of the best example is Google. People think that the search technology used by Google can be replicated easily in enterprise software because it is given away freely by Google, but what they don't know is that Google uses more than a million servers to do what it does.

Technology is getting more complicated and yet, enterprises are not willing to spend more to look at more advance technology to improve their business productivity. End result? A big nightmare as both expectations are not aligned.

I see a trend that more and more IT companies will move gradually away from enterprise services. More and more companies will offer cloud services and they will just provide the services as products. They may listen to your requirements but it will be up to the provider when these features will be deployed in their product. This will become more and more common because expectations have been going up too high on what should be given free or at a low cost, when the technology that is being requested is quite advanced and do require a lot of effort.

People think that just because it is easy to use, it is simple to develop. That couldn't be further away from the truth. IT is never easy.

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