Wednesday, October 17, 2012

S Pass increase shows productivity is going down

The decrease of the number of E pass holders and an increase of the S Pass holders only seemingly proves one thing to me. Decrease of productivity.

The idea is very simple. If productivity is increasing, the workers at the range of S-pass holders should be lesser as they are more well-trained, so they are able to work more efficiently, or lesser because Singaporeans are hired for the jobs.

However, the decrease of E pass holders seemly indicate that the E pass holders are sent back, and the work that they are doing are now done by S Pass holders. Is that considered an increase in productivity? Maybe on paper but the problem is productivity never take into account quality in the formula.

The cost of customer retention, cost of maintenance due to initial poor quality of work, somehow are never put into the equation of productivity. The latest trend still shows the heavy reliance on foreign workers.

Rights of workers is still essential to ensure that any workers, be it foreign or local workers, are protected by the law on common rights applicable to any employees.

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