Monday, October 29, 2012

Going to Gardens By the Bay

I finally had a chance to visit Gardens by the Bay last week. Gardens by the Bay is surprisingly accessible. I arrived via the MRT, alighting at Bayfront MRT station, and exiting the station via Exit B. Once you exit out of the station, you will see Gardens by the Bay on your right. A rough location of the MRT station vis-a-vis Gardens by the Bay can be found here.

If you're interested in visiting the 2 cooled conservatories, the ticketing area is near the 2 conservatories. You will need to cross the Dragonfly lake, which you will see upon exiting the station, via the dragonfly bridge. The Supertree Groves and Super Leaf are also visible from the station as you can see from the picture below. If you notice carefully, there is also a bridge suspended in-between. That is the OCBC Skyway. Do note that this attraction is separate from the conservatory, and is at the other end of the garden.

After crossing the dragonfly bridge, just walk towards the 2 cooled conservatories which are quite visible even from this distance. You will pass by many of the small mini gardens which you can visit free-of-charge, and at your own pleasure. My advice though is to visit the 2 conservatories first and wait for the weather to be cooler before visiting the outdoor gardens.

You should see a scene like the picture below upon reaching the first cooled conservatory.

If you follow the pathway, you should see the ticketing area as shown in the picture below.  When I was there, they opened another ticketing area at the other end for cash payment only. You can only purchase the tickets for the 2 cooled conservatories though, for that cash payment queue only.

The garden cruiser is the vehicle you see on the right hand side. There is not much information on the garden cruiser but based on what I observed, I believe that this cruiser will bring you a tour around all the free gardens around the area, with a running commentary by the friendly driver.

The Gardens by the Bay does occupy quite a big area as you can see from the picture below. You may need to allocate more time if you hope to visit all the gardens. I was however quite tired after visiting the 2 cooled conservatories. Up to you on how you want to schedule your visit. :)

There are also a couple of eateries around the ticketing area, and at the 2 conservatories so you should not go hungry. The souvenir shop is also located near the exit of the 2 conservatories, and personally, I think it is reasonably priced.

I will post a little more on the Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome conservatories later. You can find more information about the Gardens by the Bay here. As the pricing information differs if you're locals or tourists, I think it will be better if you refer to the website for more details.

Is the visit worth it? I let you draw the conclusion. :)

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