Friday, August 13, 2010

Why I Won't Jailbreak my iPhone

I was recently offered assistance in jailbreaking my iPhone. It's now super easy with the JailBreakMe workaround. However, I declined. People think I'm nuts but there are reasons why I hope Apple quickly patch the iOS.

The reason is very simple. If someone can easily hack an iPhone using a Safari, what is stopping someone from installing a malicious malware that will SMS or call a premium number in the background, racking up call charges that the telco will not waive because you did not use the official software?

The Safari and PDF vulnerability is quite serious and apparently, it allows anyone to bypass the iPhone security mechanisms just by accessing a website. Furthermore once you jailbreak, you'll not be able to upgrade to the latest iOS so easily because Apple will patch the Safari hole. So how will those people upgrade?

Anyway think twice before jailbreaking, especially if you're not technically inclined.

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