Thursday, August 5, 2010

Monkeys & Orangutans @ Singapore Zoo

Updated 8 Oct 2013: More pictures of monkeys/orangutans and related animals taken recently

The highlight of the Singapore Zoo seems to be Monkeys (I include Chimpanzees too) & Orangutans. There are a wide variety of species there and it seems to me that everywhere I turn, I'll see them. :) They are quite an interesting lot to watch, and even more interesting when they are at play. The games that their young play looks not much different from the games babies play when they are small. The Orangutans as always, were lazing around. :) You can refer to this post here for more information on the Singapore Zoo.

Anyway, below are some of the pictures of these interesting creatures.

Orangutan lying down and stretching its arm at the same time. :)

Orangutan grabbing a snack

Cotton Top Tamarins playing around

A mother Cotton Top Tamarin with 2 young ones on top

A white-faced Saki Monkey on top of a signboard

The agile Gibbon wondering where to go next

Howler Monkey howling along

Not sure what monkey this is but it looks very cute. :)

A Baboon giving you an arrogant look. :)

Baboon senior getting some grooming from junior. :)

Brown Capuchin (heard someone called it cappuccino) :)

Chimpanzee (i think) eating roots.

Proboscis Monkey looking around

Baby baboon wondering what to do with the stick

Baby baboons @ play. :)

A baby lion-tailed Macaque looking lost. :)

Orangutans having fun with a gunny sack

Baby Chimp playing with a piece of wood
Baby proboscis monkey looking at the mother
The mother baboon holding on to the little one

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Anonymous said...

LOL! The Baboon? looks like its DiAooOoo -ing you.

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