Friday, August 6, 2010

Random Photos @ Singapore Zoo

Updated 8 Oct 2013: More random photos of creatures taken recently

I was trying to categorise the interesting photos that I have of the Singapore Zoo's animals and sad to say, I have to give up because they are really too random. However, they are still interesting so I'm going to take the lazy way out and create a post aptly named Random Photos of the Singapore Zoo. :) You can refer to this post here for more information on the Singapore Zoo.

Anyway, below are the random photos that I've taken here and there. :)

A single task warthog looking for its other task. :p

A warthog having its meal

Crocodiles in disguise. :p

A goat making full use of its horns. :)

A barking deer taking a rest from all the barking. :)

Darn. No idea what creature this is. :(

Deer? Looks like it.

Greater Kudu getting away from the limelight

White Rhino eating away

Malayan tapir taking a rest

White Tiger taking a rest from all the patrolling. :)

Zebra having its lunch.

Fishes kissing the Pygmy Hippo

Komodo dragon deciding if it should move or not. :)

Lazy kangaroo lazing around after its meal

No idea what creature is this but it's beautiful

Inuka entertaining the visitors

Curious baby white rhino

Desert Warthog


Giant Tortise
Sea lion
Pigmy Hippo

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