Monday, August 23, 2010

Inflation is up 3.1%

These are the Singapore inflation rates for 2010:
January: 0.2%
February: 1.0%
March: 1.6%
April: 3.2%
May: 3.2%
June: 2.7%
July: 3.1%

Transport and Education & Stationery are leading the pack instead, rising by 10.7% and 2.9% respectively year on year.

Compared to the previous month, Health Care and Recreation & Others inflation has increased quite a bit. There is still no obvious conclusion to the Distance based charging on the Transport inflation rate. Looking at the past inflation rates, there are no obvious differences although there is an increase of inflation compared to previous month. However due to seasonal factors, one cannot jump to the conclusion that the reason was due to the Distance based charging.

I guess I need to take a look at the next few months inflation rates to see the impact of distance based fares. Even based on the current statistics though, one thing is for certain. I do not think there is any reduction of inflation for Transport.

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