Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Birds and Penguins @ Singapore Zoo

Updated 8 Oct 2013: Added more photos of the birds and penguins that I recently took

Do not think that all the birds belong to the Jurong Bird Park. The Singapore Zoo also has some interesting birds together with the other animals, especially the penguins. Yes, those cute penguins. :) You can refer to this post here for more information on the Singapore Zoo.

Anyway, below are the photos of some of the interesting birds and penguins in the zoo.

Flamingo scratching its back. :)

Curious blue bird.

African Crowned Crane with an interesting hair style. :)

Curious Ostrich

African Penguin looking around

African Penguin swimming

African Penguin getting out after a swim

Flamingo looking at a monitor lizard

Not sure which red bird this is
African penguin after a swim

1 comment:

chantc said...

My understanding is that the African penguins are no longer in the Singapore zoo and has been moved to the Jurong Bird Park.

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