Thursday, August 26, 2010

Perceived Value? My Foot

Sometimes I do wonder if the people writing articles in the newspaper really do know the topic that they are writing on. Recently, there was a drop of customer satisfaction for public transport. One of the reasons is a drop of "perceived" value.

My take? It's not perceived. There is always a reason for an increase in price, be it improvement in quality of product or service. In the case of the bus and MRT, I am afraid that if there was any improvement, it is not obvious to the consumers. Those who takes the public transport everyday will know what am I talking about.

Increase value in the bus service? Remember the case regarding the bus no 27 where the bus driver acted unprofessionally in the wee hours of the night? Some bus drivers also do not know their bus routes well and were rude to customers who enquire on the correct amount of bus fare to pay.

Improvement in MRT service? Who has encountered cases where the train announced incorrectly that it has arrived at a certain destination? Or encountered cases where the expensive LED station locator was not even switched on?

Come on. Are you sure it's perceived value? The increase in frequency of the MRT and buses was also forced down their throats. Remember someone kept insisting that the train was not overcrowded during peak hours?

The end results are what that matters and seriously, I can't see any.

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