Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Do I really know that small sample of people who had problems with Mio TV?

Singtel has time and time again refuted complaints that there are problems with Mio TV. My question is quite simple. All my friends with Mio TV are having problems with it. Just recently, someone has complained that it took 10mins (at 3am in the morning) just to connect to Mio TV to watch soccer. So am I that lucky to know that small sample of people that had problems with Mio TV as explained by Singtel? I guess we know the answers.

Is Singtel ultimately responsible if the broadband service drops ridiculously low when Mio TV is switched on? I find that it is quite ridiculous to pay for broadband speeds when your line is obviously being used by Mio TV. The telcos should be responsible for the speeds of the broadband that consumers subscribe to, and not push the blame to line problem, line too old, etc. It seems that it's always our problem and not their problem. Remember the Jalan Kayu incident when the lines were down for 3 hours during a routine maintenance? I repeat. A routine maintenance.

Anyway, if Mio TV requires a separate line, then it should be compulsory for the subscription of that additional line. No use trying to pretend that you're cheaper than Starhub when you're not.


Anonymous said...

That's life - the monopoly always screws the man in the street. Started with the Green M (pricing), now it's the turn of the Red M (delivery).
I have had problems with mio TV since I signed up. Singtel Spore CEO as quoted in Straits Times, Nov 2nd, 2009: "...[Singtel's] own system was a technologically superior solution to StarHub's." hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Further to this past article:

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