Monday, August 2, 2010

Back to the Singapore Zoo

I thought I would start a new topic on attractions in Singapore. After all, they are in my own backyard and I should know about them right? :)

Anyway, my wife suddenly had a crazy idea to visit the zoo. Yes, pretty random but that's her. It has been some time since I visited it so I did a little research, with a little help from the Singapore zoo website. This is a good place to start planning, especially if you want to catch all the shows.

First, how to get there. If you look under the Visiters' Info, there are instructions on how to get there. If you're going there by public transport, go down to the AMK Bus Interchange and catch Bus 138 (stops directly at the zoo). For Singaporeans, you should have your EzLink card and for DIY Tourists, why not get The Singapore Tourist Pass which gives you unlimited rides on our public transport system which includes the MRT, LRT and basic bus services for 5 days. You can find more information in the website and how to purchase it.

There are now quite a few packages that are available which you can refer to from the zoo's website. Just like to highlight some of the optionals  for the zoo's package:
  • Unlimited tram rides: Good if you're not into walking. The tram brings you just about to every attraction in the zoo. However, it's not a place where you can relax, sit down and snap away on your camera. It's basically a mini transport system within the zoo with a little commentary on the attractions along the way.
  • Boat ride: Basically, it's just a boat ride and that's it. I guess after going to the Wildlife cruise at New Zealand, I was kinda disappointed with the boat ride as I thought they would bring me to a place where I can see some wildlife in action. I guess Singapore is too urbanised.

For those who are into photography, it is recommended to get a lens with at least 105mm - 200mm as the animals are not exactly near. There are only a few exhibits where you can get very close to the animals but the lighting there is usually not that ideal. I mainly took my photos using a 75mm - 300mm lens. The lighting is not that good in some areas so it would be good if you have a Monopod to keep your heads steady.

Basically if you're not there for the shows, you can finish touring the zoo in about 3 hours (on foot). That's what I did as my wife and I were more interested in the animals. However, I would suggest the following itinerary if you wish to catch all the shows in the zoo (as of the date of this post):
  • 1330: Rainforest fights back
  • 1430: Splash Safari
  • 1530: Elephants at Work & Play
  • 1630: Animal Friends Show

Do try to go to the show at least 15mins before the show starts. I didn't get to watch any of the shows because the more popular shows are usually packed to the brim 5mins before it starts. (e.g. Splash Safari).

I will post some animal photos later on. Watching those animals play can sometimes be so funny and interesting. :)

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