Tuesday, April 6, 2010

iPhone OS 4.0 sneak peak because of the launch of Microsoft Pink phones?

Seems like Apple and Microsoft are at it with each other again. After rumours of a Microsoft event on Apr 12 on the supposedly launch of the Microsoft Pink phones, Apple has announced an invitation-only event on April 8 for a special preview of the iPhone OS 4.0. Obviously, they are trying to make sure Microsoft has a hard time launching any mobile phones. Judging from the early sneak peaks of Windows Phone 7, it just looks like a phone that copies the features of the iPhone and Android. Windows Phone 7 even copied the early iPhone's capability of not having cut, copy and paste.

Regardless of the rumours, I still feel that Apple will not enable multi-tasking on the iPhone. iPad maybe but not the iPhone. The screen estate is too small for any effective multi-tasking. For efficient battery life utilisation, push notifications and saving of states are still the best ways for multi-tasking on the iPhone.

I guess we'll know more about the rumoured iPhone OS 4.0 come Fri Singapore time.

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