Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Distance Based Fares from 3 Jul 2010

The write-up in the newspaper for the distance based fares sound quite confusing but to the end user, it can be summarised to this: All commuters will be charged a fare according to the total distance traveled, on the bus, LRT and MRT from 3 Jul 2010.

Currently, you'll have a rebate of 50 cents whenever you transfer from a bus to bus, or bus to rail or vice versa. From 3 Jul 2010, your EzLink card will be smart enough to know that you're transferring and calculate the total distance you have traveled and charge you accordingly. The air-con bus and non-automatic train fares are now also the same. Most importantly, the feeder buses will only charge a flat rate.

The same transfer rules applies. However, do note the following transfer rules:
  • You must transfer to your next public transport within 45 minutes of alighting
  • Distance based fares only applies within the first 2 hours of the start of your transport journey
  • Distance based fares will not apply to buses of the same number
  • You can make a maximum number of 5 transfers within the first 2 hours of your transport journey
  • Single entry and exit allowed for rail

I was puzzling over the last point but I guessed that it may mean that the transfer rebate only works once when you're transferring from bus to MRT/LRT within the first 2 hours. That would mean that distance based fares will not apply for the last stage when you're transferring from bus to train to bus to train. My guess is that the multiple transfers are more for buses.

Refer to Annex A Pg 5 of the news release by LTA here for more information on the fares.You can also refer to the Transitlink current transfer rules here.

Below is also an example of a journey from 3 Jul 2010:


    Anonymous said...

    It is gonna be interesting to see what the outcomes is like. I wonder ppl would really spend more time waiting while transit, in order to save a few cents. I don't see it really saves a lot. Anyway, it is good to have options, either u want to save time or money.

    p/s: i think i shld re-learn my TSP now.

    Rhinestic said...

    I for one would not do a lot of transfers.. == siao..

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