Saturday, April 24, 2010

Finally a shortcut to Suntec City!

Went to do a little exploration this week using Circle Line and thank goodness that now, there's finally a shortcut to Suntec City!

To go to the area near the Suntec Convention Hall, alight at the Esplanade MRT station. To go to the area near Carrefour within Suntec, alight at the Promenade station. The Promenade station is also the nearest station to Millenia Walk. Both have sheltered walkways so there's no need to worry about the rain. :)

No more squeezing at City Hall MRT and walking down the long route to Suntec. Yeah!


Anonymous said...

Yes agree this short walk is a quick way to work, plus there is a great espresso company "Coffee2Go" which is having a promo of Cappuccino, Mocha, Latte at $2 at the Esplanade Xchange

chantc said...

Did not have time to explore Esplanade Xchange. Anything interesting there?

Anonymous said...

Obviously a shameless advertisement there by Coffee2Go

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