Thursday, April 1, 2010

iPad's launch depends greatly on the Apps available in the AppStore

Updated 4 Apr 2010: iWorks suite able to sync documents to the computer using iTunes 9.1

I have taken a look at the iPad features list and frankly, I'm not sure on how it can meet everyone's big expectations. In my opinion, the success of iPad will hinge on the applications that will be launched on the same day.

The reason is very simple. Based on the features list, the list of default out of the box applications will be almost similar to the iPhone. The difference would be that the applications were re-written to take advantage of the bigger screen size, and there's an additional Videos app. The iWorks suite for iPad would need to be purchased separately for USD9.99 each (Pages, Numbers, Keynote).

Even then, based on the description of the iWorks suite, I'm not terribly impressed by it. The main reason is because based on the brief description write-up, the only way to access documents in the iPad through the iWorks suite is through e-mails and beta site. Translated, I did not find any indication of a storage space within the iPad, or any indication of being able to read office documents from any other source other than what I have mentioned above. Only photos could be read from a SD card reader that is compatible with the iPad. I was hoping that iWorks could make use of the SD card reader for the iPad to edit a document for example. However, no sign of such write-up.

This reason alone would prevent widespread adoption of the iPad. I've read some articles even touting that the iPad will replace a laptop. This I have to disagree. The iPad doesn't really make that cut yet, on paper that is. No news on when it'll come to Singapore. I can't even test it even if I wanted to.

Update 1: Just read that the iWorks suite for the iPad allows you to sync documents to the computer using the iTunes v9.1. Apparently, there's a File Sharing option that's available in this new iTunes. All you need to do is to choose the export option in the iWorks suite and you'll be able to see the document from iTunes.

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