Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Do you need an iPad if you have an iPhone?

My opinion, no. Apple has restricted iPad Apps to be available only in the United States and you're only able to download the iPad Apps if you have a US credit card and a US iTunes account. Looking at the oversized iPhone/iPod Touch Apps on the iPad, the cost isn't really justified.

That goes to show that what I've previously predicted in this post is accurate. The apps make all the difference in the world and as I haven't got a chance to see any iPad Apps in action, I guess my vote is a no. An iPhone suits me just fine, not to mention that the weight is significantly lighter than the iPad. But then again, I don't have a vision problem. I can read a document just fine on the iPhone and I have no need to edit or present documents on the move. :)

In fact, all the ideas I have for the iPad seems to come from the business angle, not the consumer angle. Oh well. Anyway, I heard that InterContinental Hotel is going to use the iPad for their concierge staff, as I have predicted as one of the uses in this post here. More will come soon. I will not be surprised if RWS and MBS are interested in the iPad too.


Anonymous said...

Erm, not surprising that Apple is currently restricting iPad apps to the US market, since it is the only official market to buy the iPad (as of now).

When the iPad is officially released for non-US markets, the App Store will follow suit.

Patience, alright?

chantc said...

iPad is not even scheduled to be released in Singapore. There's a limit to patience. :)

Anonymous said...

That's because Singapore is a very small market (insignificant in Apple's sights). Anyway, one can easily buy from the nearby places (HK, Aussie, Japan, etc). Given the strong Sing$, it even makes sense to buy directly from the USA (or take a holiday to USA and buy one along the way).

chantc said...

The point is that even if you get the iPad, you're not able to purchase iPad apps because it's only open to US accounts.

You can't even purchase one even if you want to.

Anonymous said...

This is easily circumvented: while at the USA (assuming u flew there to buy ur iPad), create an iTunes account (use any USA address) but don't use credit card (they check card locality). Instead, buy a bunch of iTunes stored value cards and credit ur account. Then u can buy anything from the USA store. If out of credit, just buy another bunch of iTunes cards (either thru eBay or frens in USA). That's how I get my USA iTunes music store account (still working today after 5 yrs).

Anyway, FWIW, the USA iTunes store carries different things from other countries store, at least where music is concerned. Not sure abt App Store (dun hv iPhone/iPad yet).

chantc said...

Is it so? Good trick if it works. Will ask someone to try it out. :) Thanks!

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