Tuesday, April 20, 2010

iPhone 4G revealed!! Accidentally.

Seems like there was some exciting news yesterday. Gizmodo has gotten their hands on the iPhone 4G! This iPhone 4G really looks like the real thing. You can read more about their story and details in their website here.

Nobody did a stripdown of this baby but it would seem that the battery looks a bit bigger than the current iPhone. Is the A4 chip inside? Hmm...

Bad news is that it is using the micro-SIM card, which is similar to what the iPad 3G requires. None of our 3 telcos are using the micro-SIM card. No iPhone 4G / iPad for Singapore? Again?

Anyway, enjoy the video below of the first look at the iPhone 4G!

1 comment:

drama queen said...

im damn looking forward to iPhone 4G. thanks for posting

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