Saturday, September 13, 2008

Summary of Oct 2008 Fare Increases

Updated 13 Sep 2008: More information on senior concession hours and some changes to the maximum fare

Summary of 1 Oct 2008 Fare Adjustments:
  1. Adult/Senior Citizen concession EZLink fares on buses/trains will see an increase of 4 cents per ride (across the board)

  2. Adult/Senior Citizen concession EZLink transfer rebates will be increased to 40 cents from the current 25 cents

  3. EZLink maximum fare cost (for SMRT will be increased by 5 9 cents

  4. Adult cash fares on buses/trains will see an increase of 10 cents per ride (across the board)

  5. Senior Citizen concession hours on SMRT trains extended to include 4.30pm to 7pm on weekdays (Refer to this link for more details on the concession hours)

Translated, the more you need to transfer in your day to day journeys, the more you'll save. If your day to day journeys are all direct journeys, it will cost you more.

Effectively, distance-based fares will see an increase of fares in direct journeys, but a small subsidy if you transfer, to compensate you for the time lost in doing the transfer.

If you wish to save money, leave earlier.

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