Sunday, September 14, 2008

Canon Rock

I came across this Canon Rock 2 years ago. A guy from Taiwan, Jerry C, actually re-arranged the popular Canon in D for the electric guitar. Usually I do not like the sound of electric guitar but I like his arrangement, where he tries to blend in the electric guitar and classical music.

This is his original Canon Rock:

While I was aimlessly surfing around just now, I've found another version. This is a duet done by 2 Japanese. They've actually further enhanced it for 2 electric guitars, adding more color to the song. In fact, I like this duet version better than the original. Then again, I've always like group playing, which is the main reason why I'm still in the ensemble.

This is the duet version of Canon Rock:

There are really alot of talented people out there. I can't even translate a piano piece into a guitar piece. Only got the chords. Oh well... :(

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