Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blank Screen for iPhone 3G Safari

I personally do this for my iPhone 3G because I believe some websites auto-refreshs every x seconds if you stay on that page. Just imagine you hit that page, and you switch off your display to do some other work. The webpage would be reloading every x seconds until you switch on your display again. If that page has alot of graphics, good luck to your data plan, and your battery.

All you need to do to prevent this is to enter about:blank in the Safari URL. For me, I've also added that page as a bookmark, so I could call it as and when I need it.

That's it. This URL is basically just a blank page. Everytime I want to stop viewing a page, I would just activate this bookmark. This is primarily to ensure that no page will keep refreshing without me knowing.

Hope this tip help in your battery life, and your data plan. :)


Anonymous said...

A) it's "a lot" not alot
B) your advice is wrong.

chantc said...

May I know its wrong in what way?

Anyway, I've found an easier way to resolve this problem. Just close the page. That is much better in conserving your memory.

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