Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wilderness Hotel Nellim

During much of our trip at Finland, we stayed at the Wilderness Hotel Nellim, situated at Nellim, Northern Laplands. It is is an adventure based ecotourism company in Northern Lapland, Finland, which arrange camps and safaris in the Inari area in Finland. When it said adventure based, it really meant adventure based. Most, if not all activities, require you to exert a certain amount of strength. Just imagine, skiing up a slope and snow shoeing up a knoll. :)

Anyway, this has been one of the best holidays I had so far, mainly because the activities are spaced out such that you do have some form of rest before the next activity. In fact, even though the snow shoe and the skiing are available F.O.C for your own use during the trip, I did not have time to make use of it because there were just too many activities lined-up every day.

The hotel is about a 45 mins drive from Ivalo airport. If you have registered for the package at the hotel, the airport transfer is free. The driver, in our case is a taxi driver, will be there with a sign called Nellim. You will most probably see the scenery below once you reached the hotel.

Entrance to Wilderness Hotel Nellim

The main hotel lobby

View of the hotel from the front porch

Below is the picture of the hotel "back entrance", which will be the main entrance you'll be using if you're staying near the hotel. There are coat hangers at both entrances which you could use the hang your coats before you enter the main hotel lobby.

The moment you enter the main entrance of the hotel, you'll see the bar cum restaurant. The design is pretty unique, as you can see from the photos below.

Below is the "food area", where you'll have all your buffet meals in your stay. Lunch too, if you choose full boarding, which basically means all meals included. Breakfast time is 8am - 10am, lunch time is 12pm - 2pm and dinner time is 6pm - 8pm.

Juices are provided F.O.C only for breakfast. Otherwise, you'll need to pay 1.50 euros. Coffee and tea is available throughout. There's also a small fireplace cum tv room to the right of the kitchen.

They do have pretty unique fixtures in the hotel lobby. One of them is the picture below.

Last but not least, how to recognise the washroom when you see it. Somehow in Finland, they use the same pictures to depict the guys' and the ladies' washroom. However, if you do not see both of them side by side, it is difficult to identify which one is the guys' washroom and which one is the ladies' washroom.

For your information, the first picture below is the guys' washroom and the second one is the ladies' washroom. :)

The washroom is just opposite the receptionist counter, which is situated near the main entrance. You can't miss it. :)

More posts soon on my memorable trip to Finland. :)

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