Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Food @ Inari

During our stay at Inari in my Finland trip, both breakfast and dinner are provided by Hotel Kultahovi, also known as half-boarding. The breakfast is a buffet while the dinner is ala-carte. The waiter/waitress will advise you on what will be in your menu for that night. Apparently, coffee/tea seems to be only available during breakfast. I did not see any drinks/juices available for dinner though. No matter. The kettle in my room will suffice. :) Refer to the pictures below for some of the breakfast I had

and some pictures below of my yummy dinner.

Below are pictures of my lunch at Siida museum. It's about 12 euros and is nothing to shout about, and includes salads, reindeer meant and potato, and bread. Coffee/tea and juices are included

Below are pictures of my lunch at Hotel Inari. The food is quite good and the total price of my lunch is slightly below 50 euros, shared by 3 people. The first is an salad, next is the vegetarian appetizer, a pasta kid's meal and the reindeer meat pizza. They are all quite big though. :) Needless to say after eating this lunch, we almost had no appetite to eat our dinner.


Below are pictures of my lunch at the pizza & kebab shop. Except for the burger which I feel is a suitable size, the other dishes are very big, not that I'm afraid of it. :)

In summary, I felt that the food at Hotel Inari is the best, followed by the Pizza & Kebab shop. :)

Stay tuned for my aurora photo at Inari!! :)

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