Monday, April 29, 2013

Going to Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore (USS) is situated at Sentosa, Singapore. Sentosa is located near the Habourfront MRT station. You can refer to the USS website here to find out about more details on how to get there and the ticket pricing. Do note that you can opt to purchase the Sentosa Express ticket even when you're inside the theme park, but you may want to do that if you do not want to queue 1-2 hours for a ride.

The location of USS is quite obvious once you reach Sentosa. You can take a look at the location below.

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In summary, USS is a place mainly for young adults as most of the rides there are quite "intense". There are rides that were toned down for younger kids but they are few and far between. There are a number of zones but the place is not big. You're able to purchase food and drinks in every zone so do not worry. There are certain types of food though that can only be bought in certain zones. However, do note that they are a bit pricy though.

Below is the "Hollywood zone" that greets you when you enter through the ticket gantries. Before you rush for the rides, you may want to get the pamphlets and the schedule for the day in this area, or within any of the shops before you go further. That was first mistake I made as I missed out quite a few shows as I was zooming in to go for certain rides before the main crowds come in. :)

You will see unique shops like the shop below where they based the food or product on certain characters. You can check them out anytime.

Walk a bit further and you will reach the T junction. I believe this is also the area where you will see the fireworks if you're there on a Saturday or selected days. I'm not very sure as there were no fireworks on the day that I was there.

Look to your left and you will proceed on to the Madagascar zone, as you can recognise distinctly from the ship you see below.

Otherwise, you can start your activities by walking towards your right. You should be able to see the building below after walking for a while. Hint.. If you want to go to Transformers ride first, go towards this direction. :)

Why I specially took the picture of this building is because I find that this area is quite a good place to see the Hollywood Dreams Parade. It's at the turning so the parade will stop there for a while to rouse the crowd.

Scattered around this area, you will see signs that provide very useful information like the timing of the next show, or how long you will need to wait for certain rides, as shown in the pictures below.

Do note that the time you need to wait for certain rides vary depending on the time of the day. There are cases where you have absolutely no queue for the Transformers ride. It really depends on the traffic for that day.

There are also certain shows scattered throughout the park. Below is the picture of the Monster Rock show located near the entrance and Waterworld which is further up. There is also a Live Donkey show that is to the right of the Far Far away castle which house the Shrek 4D ride.

Other than the live shows, there are also small shows that are scattered throughout the park. If you see scenes like the picture below where a large number of people has gathered, it means that a show is about to start. :)

Below shows one of the live shows you see scattered throughout the park. The breakdance boys. :)

I was thinking of putting everything in one post but that will be too long. Stay tuned for more posts on some of the rides in USS.

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