Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Transformers @ USS

Transformers is one of the latest ride to open in Universal Studio Singapore (USS). That was also the first ride that we went for when we reached USS.

If this is the first 4D ride that you want to go for, just turn right at the T junction and you should be able to see the entrance to the transformers 4D ride as shown below.

Near the ride, you should be able to see EVAC, the hero of the Transformers 4D show as shown below.

When you enter the ride, you will enter the "Restricted Area" queue as shown in the pictures below. However, be warned. The queue is quite deceptive.

Upon entering, you'll see some of the more familiar tablets as shown in the picture below, if you've watched the Transformers movies.

Do you think that's all to the queue? Along the way, you'll be briefed on the objective of the ride. A welcome change to the other rides in the theme park. I always like a storyline behind any ride. Below is the picture of the AllSpark.

Think that's all to the queue? Definitely not. You'll also see the severed tail of Scorponok as shown in the picture below. 

Yes. I think you get the idea. You'll go through many stations briefing you on the upcoming "mission" that you'll undertake. How do you know you're at the end of the queue? Very simple. When you're briefed on the safety instructions of the ride, that means you'll be soon in your ride.

I'll not write more about the ride but this 4D ride I felt is much better than the Shrek 4D ride. Go for it. It's worth it.

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