Friday, April 19, 2013

Loitering around Inari

As mentioned in the earlier posts, it was free & easy during our stay at Inari during my Finland trip. We spent about 3-4 hours loitering around Inari, which is quite a small place. The only difference between here and Nellim is that there are shops around which you can buy things. Souvenir shops, supermarkets and some mini craft shops. :) Just take note that the 3 - 4 hours include the time that we took to browse through all the supermarkets at Inari (2), and souvenir shops (2). So yes, it's not that big.

Hotel Kultahovi is situated in quite a convenient location. It's about 5 minutes away from the nearest supermarket and maybe 10 minutes from Siida museum. Below is the picture of supermarket nearest to Hotel Kultahovi. The pricing is quite okay too. :) There is also a petrol station with a burger diner behind this supermarket.

There are 2 souvenir shops down the road beside this supermarket and you can't miss them so no photos for those 2 shops. ;) Along the way, you will also find this O'Yes Pizza & Kebab shop shown in the picture below which sells quite affordable food. However, I have to warn you that the portion that is given is a lot by my standard (Asian standard?) so you may want to share a plate. Most meals cost about 10 euros, with some costing a bit more. Tea is free, at least for the first cup as that is what the cashier indicated. :) I refilled the hot water though.

Walking further down, you will see Hotel Inari which I had one of our lunches there. The food there is good and not THAT expensive. :)

Walking further down, you will see the nice homely Saamelaiskirkko church by the road, as shown in the picture below. I believe it's a Sami church and they hold events during important festivals.

The scenery around Inari is also quite refreshing, and a little different from Nellim but it's a little more city-like. Below is a panorama picture I took opposite the Pizza & Kebab restaurant. :)

I also took a short walk down the river Juutua near the hotel. It's now spring so I'm able to see the ice breaking up due to the fast moving river current that will be flowing to Lake Inari. Below are the pictures of the fast moving water that is breaking up the ice covering the river. Please be extra careful during this period because you can hear the ice breaking up when you're walking by the river. If you hear the sound, stay away from that area.

Apologies for the wide-angle shots because my cheap zoom lens couldn't function in temperatures below 0 degrees. Yes, it's new to me too. Luckily my 17-55mm lens work fine. My 75-300mm lens worked only like twice in a span of 5 minutes (because I quickly ran out and snapped a shot) and it's now working fine here. Oh well. :(

Will write more about my free & easy activities at Inari soon. Stay tuned.

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