Friday, April 5, 2013

Loitering around Nellim

In my trip to Finland, we managed to squeeze out some time to explore a 2km radius around the Wilderness Hotel Nellim. Proper roads though. :)

Nellim is a small village on the shore of Lake Inari, and is about 45 minutes away from the Ivalo domestic airport. Basically, the only 2 things worthy to take note is the Wilderness hotel, and the wooden Skolt Sámi Orthodox Church. :)

Below are some pictures which I took of the surroundings. Enjoy.

Walking trail down to Lake Inari

Un-used tent covered in snow

One of the houses along the street

The house near the Wilderness hotel

A boat that is stuck in Lake Inari
Another house with a snow covered boat.

Deserted streets of Nellim. :)
One of the many beautiful scenes around Nellim, taken during snow shoeing
The sign near the Wilderness Hotel that indicates the church is to the right
If I recall correctly, its one of the many signs marking the trail to the church

The wooden Skolt Sámi Orthodox Church
Door leading into the church
Any wildlife around? Well, I caught one at the last day!

More posts soon on more activities in Finland!

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