Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lakeside Cabin @ Nellim

In my trip to Finland, we specifically picked a place where we have the highest possibility of catching the aurora, also known as the auroa borealis. There was one option that was given by the Wilderness Hotel Nellim, and that is the lakeside cabin.

The lakeside cabin is actually a small house that is situated right beside Lake Inari. The reason why it has a higher chance of spotting the aurora is because it faces North over the lake, and there is no light pollution whatsoever towards that direction, except for the moon.

We did not regret staying at the cabin because out of the 6 nights we were there, we caught the aurora on 2 of the nights that we did not have the aurora camp. All in all, we caught the aurora 3 times in our trip. That's pretty good and the experience is priceless! More of the aurora in another post. :)

The hotel arranged for a transport to bring us to our cabin because it's about 1.5km away from the main hotel lobby. Yes, we walk 1.5km every time we need to go for our meals. We can arrange for transport to bring us I guess but we always couldn't find anyone at the receptionist area. Moreover, we want a bit more flexibility in our time so we chose to walk. :)

Anyway, the snowman below will greet us when we reach the cabin. Cool right? :)

Below is a wide angle view of the cabin and the more zoomed up picture of the cabin.

Upon entering the cabin, you will see a small toilet to your right. Straight ahead will be the coat hanging area, plus the kitchen area as shown below.

To the left of the picture above is where you'll wash your clothes (the washing machine), your shower room and the sauna room. There is also a backdoor that leads directly to Lake Inari. Pretty cool place.

To the left of the coat hanging room, there is a small bedroom as shown below.

To the left of the bedroom is actually the TV/common room as shown below. There are 2 places where you can catch the Auroras, This room, facing the lake, or the kitchen, which is also facing the lake. You'll find that you'll spend many nights in the dark, just hoping to catch a glimpse of the aurora.

There is a small mini staircase up the cabin from the coat hanging area as shown in the picture below.

Upon reaching the top, you'll find the second small bathroom and 2 bedrooms further left as shown in the pictures below. As you can see, the lakeside cabin is quite big.

The cabin is also beautiful at night, as shown in the picture below.

Not only that, we had a few reindeers dropping by next to the cabin early in the mornings, digging for food. Below are a couple of pictures that I've taken of the reindeers as they came quite close to the cabin.

All in all, this lakeside cabin is a good place to stay if you intend to be at Nellim for a while. Because of its location, you can catch most of the auroras that will take place there, more so if there is no moon I guess as you'll be able to see the weaker ones.

Will post more about the activities I did in Nellim later.

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