Monday, March 5, 2012

Why should teachers and students be measured with a different yard stick?

I was recently reading an article in NY Times here talking about measuring the teachers' effectiveness and to make sure that such evaluations improve the overall quality of teaching. However, the article noted that publicly ranking teachers by name will not help them get better at their jobs or improve student learning.

Likewise, how does publicly ranking students help them get better at their studies? Students being young, will be more affected psychological if they are publicly ranked by name on school notice boards in certain cases that I've heard.

Are Singapore schools now all about exam results and not on other aspects? Pity if this is true.


Anonymous said...

re are spore schools all about exams and nothing else?

well yes. they have been for quite a long time. where have you been?

chantc said...

In short, working. There wasn't such a practice to my knowledge last time. Pity though that schools think that naming student names can help in their studies.

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