Monday, March 26, 2012

Inflation is up 4.6%

These are the Singapore inflation rates for 2012:
January: 4.8%
February: 4.6%

Housing and Transport are once again leading the pack, rising by 9.5% and 4.4% respectively year on year. Inflation is surprisingly tamer across the board for most items. I did not expect the inflation to drop for food though, judging from what I'm seeing when I eat out. Seems a little disconnected..

My forecast was totally out by 1% and the only explanation I can come up with is the Chinese New Year effect which I forgot to take into account. However, it still doesn't explain why I'm out by so much. :( This month's inflation should be similar to February, although I do think that there might be a slight uptick to 4.7% due to the persistent high oil prices this month.

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