Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Should you get the new iPad (HD)?

The new iPad was launched last week and it seems that Apple has dropped the number behind the iPad in their marketing. It's not iPad 3, it's not iPad HD, it's just iPad. Good or bad move? I'm not sure but I do know is that it's now a whole lot harder for the consumers to differentiate between the different iPads.

Not that the additional features warrant a differentiation between the new iPad and the previous one. Basically, if you already have an iPad, there are 3 main reasons why you should upgrade:
  1. The screen display is beautiful and the graphics are improved
  2. Faster processor
  3. Hotspot feature enabled

Why I did not mention the 4G? Apparently, the news came out that the 4G seems to be only compatible with the networks in the US. It may not work in Singapore and even if it does, none of the telcos seem to be ready with their 4G plans.

Main reason why you should upgrade? The new iPad is now all about the gaming experience. If you want to get a portable gaming machine with stunning graphics, you might want to look at the new iPad. Other than that? I think I'll pass or get the cheaper iPad 2 (drop in price).

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