Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Turn off AutoPlay

One of the main reasons why some people like to disable Auto Playing of inserted CDs/DVDs/USB Thumbdrives is because viruses nowadays embed themselves within these media. When plugged into a machine, the machine will helpfully autorun the viruses to inflect it.

You can disable the autorun temporarily by pressing the right shift button when you insert the media, or disable it permanently using the following:
  1. Ensure you're using an administrator account
  2. Goto Start -> Run
  3. Type gpedit.msc
  4. Click on Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System
  5. Double Click on Turn off Autoplay
  6. Click on Enabled radio button
  7. From the Turn off Autoplay on:  dropdown list, select All drives
  8. Click on OK

That's it... This will permanently disable Autoplay for that machine. Do note however that if you play games or you wish to install software, the media will no longer auto run the software when you insert the media.

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