Monday, March 19, 2012

The NEL incident reveals another inefficency. Our printed media.

The recent NEL incident did show that SBS Transit learned well from the huge backlash against SMRT in their handling of the crisis. SBS Transit was able to make frequent and up-to-date announcements on the status of the breakdown and they are able to deploy people, and bridging buses very quickly. That was one of the reasons why there wasn't any major backlash against SBS Transit for this disruption.

However, their efficiency reveals another inefficiency in a business operation that should put announcement of up-to-date information as the number 1 priority. Our printed media.

Why did I say that? I usually take my daily dose of news from my iPhone at around 7am every weekday. According to SBS Transit, they have issued a media alert at 6.36am on that same day on the breakdown. However, nowhere in CNA or ST's online news have an article on this important media alert, at least as of 7am on that day.

Just imagine... A news organisation that prides itself in its up-to-date news and yet unable to write a simple one paragraph article to report on this important disruption. I am sorely disappointed.

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