Friday, March 19, 2010

Windows Phone 7 to be similar to the first generation of iPhone?

I was surprised to find out that according to Microsoft officials, Windows Phone 7 may not have the cut and paste functionality in the initial version and they have said that it was a conscious decision (yeah right). However, my take on it is that Silverlight does not support copy and paste and that they are still figuring out how to enable this option.

Microsoft has also indicated that they will not add multi-tasking capabilities and they will be following the iPhone way of handling multi-tasking (saving of states). This is something which I agree. I strongly disagree with the concept of multi-tasking on a small device because I don't see any advantages of such a feature. You can read more about this in this post.

Seriously, I do not understand why Microsoft will want to continue in the mobile space when it's quite obvious that they are copying whatever features that is now currently in the market (iPhone and Android). The only thing that Windows Phone 7 can support better than the other phones are their office applications. However, I seriously do not think that business users will get the phone purely based on this functionality as it's a real pain to edit a word document on a small mobile phone. Apple has already secretly acknowledged that by putting iWorks Mobile on the iPad but not on the iPhone. I believe that it's deliberate. With Android in the market, I believe that mobile web-based office solutions, most probably based on HTML5, will soon be available in their Google Apps.

So why on earth Microsoft wants to come out with Windows Phone 7? There's no differentiating factor at all.

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chantc said...

Based on what I read, it also seems that the first Windows Phone 7 will not support silverlight viewing from the Windows browser.

Translated, if Microsoft cannot get Silverlight to work in the Windows Phone 7 browser (which is based on Silverlight by the way), I doubt Flash will be able to work on Windows Phone 7 too.

I guess Microsoft is finding all the problems that Apple did, but they still released the phone. I wonder why.

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