Friday, March 5, 2010

Something wrong with the Phone reception in SMRT lines

It may have been due to the influx of iPhone users but I've realised that the phone reception in the SMRT underground tunnels is increasingly going from bad to worse.

Why did I single out SMRT underground tunnels? That's because I've done a simple experiment. I had an uninterrupted phone call with someone from the start of NEL line to Serangoon. After which, my friend switched to the Circle Line (SMRT) towards Bishan. During the journey in the NEL line, I had uninterrupted access to my friend (both of us on mobile phones and I'm at home). However, the moment my friend switched to the NEL line, I kept losing connection. The same dropping of connection also happens during the journey from Braddel to Dohby Ghaut.

Therefore, it's definitely not true that only the old SMRT lines have the phone reception problems. Even the new Circle line is having the very same problems. Therefore, I can only put it down to the SMRT design that prevents phones from getting reception. There are no such problems in the NEL line.

This could be dangerous in certain situations because in certain parts of the SMRT tunnel, I got absolutely no signal on my mobile phone. This simple experiment can be duplicated any time during the peak hours (going to and coming back from work).

I'm not even asking for 3G access. Sometimes, I don't even have EDGE signals in SMRT tunnels or a reception for that matter. Are you sure the 3 telcos coverage are over 99% ? Doesn't look like to me and I'm being reminded of this fact everyday.

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