Friday, March 19, 2010

IE9 will only work on Vista and 7, and still does not conform to ACID3.

I find it very amusing that Microsoft is going to launch a new Internet Explorer 9 that will
  • supports HTML5;
  • only work on Windows Vista and Windows 7; and
  • only scores a low 55 on the ACID3 test based on the IE9 preview.

I've been a Firefox users for many many years and based on the current Firefox v3.6 on Windows XP, it already has a score of 92 out of 100 in the ACID3 test. Furthermore, Firefox v3.6 already supports certain elements of HTML5 (e.g. video streaming). You can see an example of video streaming here if you have the latest version of Firefox / Chrome (not sure if Safari has it). Note that no plug-ins are used (iPhone engineers will love this. No more dependency on Flash).

The only thing that differentiates Internet Explorer from Firefox is that it supports ActiveX, which by the way has been disabled by some companies due to the danger of malware. However, ActiveX by itself has almost been made redundant due to the increasing capabilities of the Web browser and the HTML standard (Cannot wait for HTML5).

Guys, there's no need to wait for IE9. Just download a free copy of Firefox or Chrome that will work on almost any operating systems.

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