Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stupid MRT ticket machines does not like POSB cards

For some reason, the stupid MRT ticket machines nowadays mostly refuse to accept POSB ATM card for NETS transactions, and I do include the NEL line.

Whenever I try to insert the POSB ATM card, it refuses to register that the card has been inserted and removed. Out of 10 ticket machines, I may be able to get 1 machine to accept my card.

I do wonder if anyone is ensuring that the ticket machines work as advertised. Isn't there a standard User Acceptance Plan that ensures that the machines accept all NETS cards? What's the use of accepting NETS if the machine doesn't accept the most popular ATM card in Singapore?

Cashless society? Yeah right. Provided it works.


Anonymous said...

Looks like u need to get ur POSB NETS card changed. It sounds like a faulty card instead of faulty MRT machines. I top up my farecard with POSB NETS all the time (as recent as last month).

Rhinestic said...

hrmm.. but i've the same problem too.

Rhinestic said...

what i realised is that some of the newer cards seem to be thinner than the older cards... on some machine, if i try to press down the card against the reader, it works..

chantc said...

Definitely it's not my NETS card problem. I have absolutely no problems anywhere except when I try to use the MRT ticketing machines.

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