Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Phone Reception in the North South tunnels getting from bad to worse

I happened to travel in a loop today from the north south mrt tunnels, to NEL, to circle line, back to the north south line.

The reception in the SMRT tunnels in the north south line was very bad, and I was not even using 3G. I have lost signals at least 5 times from orchard to city hall.

The moment I hit the NEL line though, I had good reception all the way and I even managed to have a conversation in the NEL tunnels, a task virtually impossible in the SMRT tunnels.

The surprising thing is that I think they have did something to the circle line tunnels. Reception was quite ok along the line compared to my previous experience. I did not encounter any drop in signal at all.

Now all I have to wait is for the rich telcos to fix the reception problems in the north south tunnels.

Will they fix it? My guess is someone have to force them to.

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