Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Problems of common currency have finally reared its head

I was never a big fan of the common currency idea that ASEAN was floating around previously and this is proven right by the happenings in the euro now. Due to the problems faced by Greece, partly also due to the common currency, the euro has free-fallen down to its true value. This is in a way also affecting the other countries in the euro bloc, and will most probably drive up their inflation rates this year.

Personally, I could never understand the logic behind the common currency. You have so many distinctly different countries, with different cultures, different strengths, different weakness and different state of economies. How could one currency be able to fit all countries? True, there are advantages to a common currency but the problem is whether the rules governing the currency be able to fit into the current state of the country. Greece is a good example.

I sincerely hope that the ASEAN members are looking at what is happening to the euro now and drop the idea of a common currency. No country is totally identical and what fits in one will not necessary fit into the other. 请三思而后行。

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