Friday, January 8, 2010

Why do you need Laylio? FStream can do the job

Updated 13 Jan 2010: Added 93.8FM link
Updated 15 Jan 2010: Added 95.8FM link 
Updated 6 May 2010: Added 89.7FM, 90.5FM, 92.4FM, 94.2FM, 96.3FM, 96.8FM, 97.2FM link
Updated 7 May 2010: Updated the rest of the links 

I saw a new app called Laylio in the iPhone AppStore today. Previously I was already using FStream to listen to the radio but of course the curious side of me wanted to try the application.

Unfortunately, it's quite disappointing. The App says that you might not be able to listen to the radio stream due to network congestion but that is absolutely not true. Why do I say that? I tried the very same station using FStream and I have absolutely no problems streaming the radio.

To find out the URL of the online radio is actually quite simple, for a techie that is. It involves going into the webpage and looking at the source codes. Anyway, the following is the list of the current online Singapore radio stations that I have:

To add this in FStream, do the following:
  • Use the iPhone's Mobile Safari, access this blog post and copy one of the above radio station links by tapping and holding on to the link URL.
  • Tap on FStream
  • Tap on Favourites
  • Tap on Edit
  • Tap on Add new webradio
  • Key in the name of the radio station in the Name box
  • Paste (Tap and hold until the magnifying glass appears) the above URL link to the URL box
  • Tap on Save
  • Tap on Done
  • Tap on Play
  • Tap on the radio station that you have just added.

That's it. Upon playing, it will automatically detect the radio stream type and bits per second.

You will not get the streaming problem you encountered for Laylio (as of the date of this blog post). Hope this is useful.


chantc said...

I've just tried the latest Laylio. Apparently, they have resolved the playability issue. I was able to play the online radio stations even on Edge.

However, FStream's buffering is still better than Laylio. Laylio will re-buffer the radio stream (and cut off the radio) if the connection is too slow while FStream still attempts to play the radio stream (which results in some words/music being cut off).

However with this update, I will say Laylio is finally becoming usable. Plus point of Laylio is that it actually tries to show you what song is currently playing right now.

chantc said...

FStream seems to have a weird cellular problem. For some reason, it could not recognise that your settings for Cellular network is set to ON.

So if you need to listen to FStream while on Edge/3G, tap on More first, then tap on Play (Assuming you have already set Cellular network to ON). You will then be able to tap on any of the radio stations.

Nor said...

Hi... Do u happen to have the URL for 89.7 ria?

chantc said...

Sorry. Mediacorp is not yet streaming 89.7 online so there is no URL yet. At least not that I know of.

chantc said...

All Mediacorp radio stations can now be streamed. I've updated all the links in this post.

ZhenZhou said...

Other SG radio stations:
Radio 91.3 - mms://
Radio 100.3 - mms://

ZhenZhou said...

883 Jia FM -
Power 98FM -

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