Monday, January 4, 2010

U-Save Rebates for 2010

Some changes were made to the U-Save rebates scheme for 2010. Starting from December last year, it seems that the government is finally trying to make the line clearer between Singapore citizens and non-citizens. They seem to be making incremental changes to their policies as they go along. Elections coming soon?

HDB flats which are fully sublet to non-citizens will no longer be eligible for U-Save rebates. This is similar to HDB flats which are owned by non-citizens, which are currently already not eligible for the rebates. U-Save rebates will continue to be disbursed to Singaporean-owned HDB flats which are owner-occupied or which are sublet to at least one citizen tenant.

The rebates which are used to offset utility charges directly are as follows:

Jan 2010
Jun 2010

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