Monday, January 18, 2010

Tell FIFA that we're no pushovers

Singtel and Starhub should just give FIFA a price and tell them to take it or leave it. The reason is actually quite simple. Let's just imagine that you're working in Singtel or Starhub and your boss suddenly puts up a memo that all staff needs to take a pay cut of x% to subsidize the FIFA world cup rights. Would you agree to it? Of course not.

The problem is that if they accept this "hefty" price increase, it would send a message to FIFA that we're willing to pay so much just to watch football. This would also inevitably increase all the other rights for the other soccer leagues. Are you sure you're willing to pay more and more every year for each season?

If not, stand united with our telcos and send this message to FIFA.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Soccer is a load of bull. Soccer players get paid millions just to kick a ball around? Most of these players won't even get a tenth as much working else where.

Of course FIFA wants hefty fee increase, to pay players their millions. And there's those willing people (refrain from using an impolite term starting with 'i') who're willing to foot the bill, so...

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