Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010. Another year of change

2009 has been a mixed year and it is a year of change for me. I've finally adapted to my new job although I'm still quite tired when I come back from work everyday. I think it must be the age. As predicted last year, my new flat is ready and I've begun my renovation work. I've even changed guitar sections in the alumni group. :)

For 2010, I guess it'll still be pretty much a year of transition and finishing what I've started in 2009. I'm still learning quite a bit in my new job and somehow, I start to find that exciting. Oh well. I must be a bit crazy up there to say that. I will have new projects on-hand which I will take from initiation to post-support. Hopefully I won't burn out trying to manage them and my new phase in life.

Yup! I'm finally tying the knot this year and this year will mark that transition. However, I believe that both of us are more excited over the new flat than the wedding. Some parts of the wedding process can be fun (e.g. photo-taking) but some I personally feel is just a chore. Oh well... Renovation is going smoothly till now and hopefully I've made the right choice in selecting my contractor. So far so good. However, I do believe that this coming Chinese New Year, I'll have a logistic problem because of my complicated status (legal vs tradition). I'll also have to balance my new status with my commitments to my other group of friends whom I meet every week. Hmm...

Last but not least, my guitar. LS seems to have grand plans for us to conquer the world... Oops, I mean umm, upgrade our guitar skills to a higher level. I still feel my sigh reading sucks but after switching to another section, I find that it has been more manageable for me. :D It's still quite difficult for me to find time to practice because I still fall asleep the moment I touch the bed. The problem is that for this year, I don't really see how I can find more time considering the transitions that I'm doing. I shudder to think of LS's plans for us (which he did shared briefly). :D

I guess I'll have to concentrate one thing at a time... I've always been good in time management. Please don't fail me now.

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