Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Multicore Netbooks or smartphones?? Fix the power consumption first!

I read with amusement on news regarding equipping netbooks and smartphones with multicore processors. To me, it doesn't make sense to create a multicore processor for netbooks and smartphones if their battery life can only last a few hours.

Personally, I believe the fundamental problem with netbooks and smartphones are:
  • their size; and
  • battery life.

That means that makers of netbooks and smartphones should concentrate on making their devices smaller and more power efficient. Ditch the multicore processor idea until you can resolve this problem. The sizes are getting smaller but I do not believe there's much improvement regarding the battery life.

The ideal battery life for me would be at least 5 days of battery life with normal usage. No, I do not mean standby time. I mean using applications / Wifi / 3G continuously for 5 days. I never did care about the phone's standby time. To me, that's a totally useless statistic for me.

And don't blame the battery "department" on the power woes. They are not the only ones at fault. Resolve the battery life problem, then talk about multicore processors.

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