Monday, January 25, 2010

Earth Hour: 27 March 2010, 8.30pm

On March 28th 2009 8.30pm, many has demonstrated their growing concern over climate change by turning off their lights for 1 hour. Earth hour for the year 2010 has been set on 27 March (Sat) at 8.30pm.

However, showing concern over climate change need not be only demonstrated on that day. Singapore's National Environmental Agency (NEA) has already launched the energy efficient campaign some time back. For more tips on how to conserve energy, you can refer to their website here. Singapore's site for Earth Hour can also be found here. It doesn't seem to be updated though as of the date of this post.

Whether climate change is man-made or not is irrelevant. Reducing energy wastage is good for the environment and your wallet as well. Whatever steps that are initiated (e.g. not switching on your air-con for tonight) does make a difference. Start now.

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